Homeowners Insurance Risk Management Program


The Added Security of ShelterPride - Only from Narragansett Bay

ShelterPride is the unique risk appraisal and underwriting program we provide at no charge for every new policyholder. It helps us be sure we have the right information on your home, so you have the right amount of protection if you ever have a loss.


With ShelterPride, a representative will actually visit your home and conduct a personalized interior and exterior survey to ensure you have the correct coverage based on current replacement costs, that you’re alerted to safety risks, and that you’re getting the credits you deserve. In some cases, your home may be over-insured, entitling you to a reduction in your premium. 

We do ShelterPride ahead of time--because when you have a loss, that’s NOT the time to worry if you have the proper policy limit to rebuild your house, or to discover there were hazards you could have easily fixed that would have prevented damage or injury.

What’s more, the ShelterPride Appraisal documents and photographs your home to give you an accurate record, making it faster and easier if you ever need to make a claim.

ShelterPride is part of our initiative to increase the responsible homeowners’ awareness of what causes loss. Because we’ve always believed the only good loss is the one that never happens. We know that everyone of our policyholders would agree.

"Our claims adjuster was very understanding and good at his job."

Westerly, RI
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